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    2016.04.01 13:09:07

    Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries (HSHI) celebrated its ground-breaking ceremony as “Halla Heavy Industries” in 1992 in

    Yeong-am, and is situated on the southwestern tip of the Korean peninsula.

    The company delivered its first ship in 1996 and the first VLCC with management by Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) 3 years

    later. In 2002, the shipyard was taken over by HHI and became a member of HHI Group. In the following year, the company

    changed its name as “Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (HSHI)”

    The company builds containerships, tankers, bulk/petrochemical carriers, s/s rig and car carriers and currently operates

    two dry docks and one floating dock, the largest of which is 594m in length and 104m in width. The facility covers around

    3,300,000 square meters in total and employs over 12,000 staff. They have delivered more than 550 ships.

    Since 2007, the shipyard delivered its first 82K CBM VLGC to A.P.MOLLER and its first 155K CBM Membrane Mark III

    Type LNG Carrier (DFDE) to BP (U.K.). In 2009, the shipyard achieved 30 million DWT of shipbuilding which is the fastest

    achievement in world’s shipbuilding history. The company continued to set its own records by delivering 177K CBM

    Membrane Mark III Type LNG Carrier (DFDE) to MOL (Japan) in 2010, Mega Container ship (13,100 TEU) to ZODIAC (U.K.) in

    2011 and making contracts of Semi Submersible Drilling Rig with SEADRILL (Norway) in 2012.

    Services Newbuilding

    Web: hshi.co.kr

    The information issued by Korean Register (KR) which has been provided by the shipyards themselves.

    We are not responsible for any errors or omissions made herein.

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